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Quality Baby Diapers Manufacturers in China

Hunan Tiny Times Household Products Co., Ltd. was formed in 2013 as one of the known baby care diapers manufacturers and baby diapers manufacturers in China. We have been dedicated to supplying baby diapers, adult diapers, nursing mats, training pants, wet wipes, underpads, etc.

Our motto for moving forward is to provide exceptional personal care for kids and moms. Our main focus is on designing, developing, supplying, and marketing care products. We are among the known Baby diapers suppliers and baby diapers manufacturers in china. We have more than 200 individuals on our staff and 20 advanced automatic production lines.

Why Choose Us Among Other Royal Baby Diapers Suppliers?

Being the best among the Royal Baby Diapers Suppliers and baby diapers manufacturers in china, we produce different levels of hygiene products, including 15 baby diaper lines, 2 wet wipe lines, and 3 adults diapers lines. Our customers are our priority and we produce according to your specific needs and requirements of yours.

We take care of our existing customers and await heartily welcoming new customers to our family. It put in a lot of effort to earn our brand image as one of the reputable baby diapers manufacturers in China and Wholesale Baby Diapers Suppliers in China.

Product innovation is one of the reasons we are successful today. “Professional, Executive, Dream, Passion”, we believe in delivering value to customers, creating opportunities for employees, and developing wealth for society.


Qualities of Our Baby Care Diapers

Best for Sensitive Skin: Being among the top Royal Baby Diapers Suppliers and baby care diapers manufacturers, our baby diapers are 100% breathable for sensitive skin because of the maximum airflow from the outer layer.

Dermatologically Tested and Hypoallergenic: There are no harsh ingredients in our baby diapers therefore they are hypoallergenic. Being in the category of leading Baby diapers suppliers and Wholesale Baby Diapers Suppliers in China, our diapers are dermatologically approved. Each product of ours goes through a test to check the quality. And this is what sets us apart from other baby care diapers manufacturers.

Stretchy and Secure Sides: Our baby diapers are easy to stretch because they have secure sides with comfy leak barrier cuffs. They also have nightlock technology that keeps your baby dry for up to 12 hours. We are also among the known baby cleaning products manufacturers apart from being one of the best baby care diapers manufacturers