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Best Baby Care Product Manufacturers in China

Hunan Tiny Times Household Products Co., Ltd., one of the most well-known baby care product manufacturers, was formed in 2013 in Ningxiang, Hunan Province, China.

Among other things, we’ve been dedicated to offering baby diapers, adult diapers, nursing mats, training trousers, wet wipes, and underpads.

Our goal is to provide exceptional personal care for children and moms in the future. Our primary focus is on designing, developing, supplying, and marketing personal care products. Over 200 individuals work with us, and we have 20 highly automated production lines.


What Sets Us Apart from Other Baby Care Product Manufacturers?

As one of the top-quality baby care product manufacturers, we create a variety of hygiene products, including 15 baby diaper lines, 2 wet wipe lines, and 3 adult diaper lines. We manufacture to your unique desires and requirements because our consumers are our top concern. We make sure to take good care of our old customers and wait to warmly welcome new customers to our family.

Product innovation is one of the reasons we are successful today. We at “Professional, Executive, Dream, Passion” think that social wealth creation, employment opportunity, and customer value are all interconnected.


Qualities of Our Baby Care Products

100% Quality Guaranteed: Our baby care products have the best quality you can ever find anywhere. We know how sensitive babies are, therefore we make sure that our quality is up to the standard. 

Trusted by Dermatologists: Being among the trusted baby care product manufacturers, our baby care products are trusted and approved by dermatologists. We also sell our top-selling adult diaper in case you are looking for it.